Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Eleven What is Your Quest

What is your Quest?

When figuring out what we wanted to do for this new version of Thunderstone for added coolness, we were delighted and amused to notice that we had never explored the concept of Side Quests before. Thunderstone is the premier, dungeon-crawling deck-builder out there, it needs Side Quests that the players can undertake!

Early in the process we decided that individual Side Quests for each player were a perfect fit. Side Quests are like hidden objectives that players choose. At the start of the game after the village and dungeon have been set up, each player is dealt a selection of quests from which they must choose one for the game. Players keep these secret until it is time to reveal them.

Some Side Quests involve finding powerful cursed heroes, while others are quests for legendary artifacts which, once recovered, go into your deck and assist you in the game — but be careful: these legendary heroes and artifacts can be a double-edged sword. These quests will involve you accomplishing an in-game task like, “Defeat a level 2 or higher monster with 2 or more wounds present.”

Other Side Quests focus your strategy on using specific cards in the Village. These will usually have some end of game condition to meet, like “At the end of the game reveal a deck with at least as many spells as it has heroes” and will be worth additional victory points.

Side Quests are just that; optional quests to do on the side. They can completely change how you play your game of Thunderstone, or can be entirely ignored if the player instead wishes to focus their energy on the main quest; killing monsters and powering up.

— Bryan Reese

Thunderstone Lead Developer

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