Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Fifteen At the Summit

All of AEG has gathered in Southern California for our bi-annual company summit.

We have rented a beautiful house overlooking the Pacific with enough bedrooms to accommodate our whole crew. Since we work virtually its a special treat to get together in the same physical space.

We are all spending the week playing our games in development and talking about the strategy for marketing and support for our 2017 schedule. We are as you can imagine playing a tremendous amount of Thunderstone.

Last night we played a great round of Thunderstone that incorporated several of the new rules systems that the team is finalizing. We will also be playing most of the Quests and Stretch Goal contents as a group so we’ll all be familiar with the contents we’re going to be delivering to our backers after the campaign ends.

It was awesome to see how much the game has evolved in the past several months since GenCon. It has reached the objectives we set for it in terms of fun and depth. We are looking forward to sharing even more of the rules and the game components with you soon.

— The Whole AEG Team

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