Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Nineteen What is Your Quest

With the revelation of the 23rd Stretch Goal, the Dungeon Room tiles, we confirmed the Backer theory from the Comments channel that the card-based Stretch Goals so far add up to a whole new Quest, Total Eclipse of the Sun!

(Graphics and packaging are not final and subject to change)

So what constitutes a Quest? A Quest is comprised of:

  • 6 Heroes
  • 6 Monsters
  • 12 Support Items
  • Dungeon Tiles
  • Treasure
  • A Guardian

We have developed several Adventures for each of the 4 Quests in the Champion Reward (and the 2 in the Adventurer Reward, of course). Each Adventure is a list of Village and Dungeon cards that you use as your initial setup for a game of Thunderstone Quest. Of course you can design your own Quests (and Adventures) by selecting your own set of cards, or you can make a randomized game (using the provided Randomizer) cards. All the components from all the Quests can be combined as you wish just as in Classic Thunderstone. We are thinking about ways to link all the Quests together with some elements of persistence between Adventures and the developers have some really interesting ideas!

(For those who are wondering, YES! all the unlocked Stretch Goal cards will also automatically appear in the Epic Thunderstone Add-On at no additional cost.)

When you combine the Side Quests and Guild Quests to the mix we think there’s an incredible amount of replay value in Thunderstone Quest!

Not every Quest will have 6 unique Dungeon Room tiles, although the 4 Quests in the Champion Reward do. And future Quests might have different ratios of card types, or different numbers of cards in a type. But generally speaking a Quest is approximately 240 cards of the types listed above and a selection of Dungeon Room tiles.

You can probably guess what the next unrevealed Stretch Goal will be. Our team originally designed the Kickstarter to end with the next unrevealed Stretch Goal if we hit our optimistic target for pledge levels. But the demand has been so much greater than we hoped that we simply cannot stop the momentum.

The Thunderstone Quest Developers have been burning the midnight oil and today at the Summit they presented their plans to keep up the tempo.  We have added some additional interim Stretch Goals that we’ll be revealing in the next 10 days, and those will lead into The Finale, the final 4 days of the Campaign for which we have prepared a really exciting finish!

— The AEG Thunderstone Team

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