Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Day Seventeen A Questing We Will Go

Today at the summit we are going to do a thorough review of all the Quest content for the Kickstarter. Our goal is a playthrough of each Quest. At this point we aren’t concerned with fundamental game rules (because we like ’em!) but we want to be comfortable that the Quest cards themselves have matured to a near-finished point. There may still be some word templating work to be done but the concept of the card and its mechanical attributes should be close to final.

The developers are also working on finalizing a “First Look” version of the rules. These won’t be final but they will be close to final in terms of how they work. The editors and grammarians will still be working to ensure the rules are clear and consistent and that polishing starts when the developers turn over the final rules system. But we will be able to share the First Look rules with you before the polishing work is completed.  We don’t have an ETA for the delivery of the First Look rules but it will be soon.

The combination of a group consensus that the Quests are in good shape and the rules are ready for First Look is a major milestone and objective of the Summit and we are feeling pretty confident we are on track to meet those goals.

We are also planning on producing some “How to Play” video at the same time.  We are hopeful we can get useable video and clean audio and have something good enough to share perhaps as early as next week.

— The AEG Team

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