Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: April 2017 Update

Hey Folks,

It has been a couple of weeks since we had that climactic finish to our Kickstarter campaign and we just wanted to update you with the news of what we have been doing.

First of all we have been busy working with the new cards that were part of A Grand Finale as well as our Yellow Knight, to honor the Yellow Meeple and his contribution to the campaign. We feel the art work came out pretty well, and you can see that the little fella seems to have grown up pretty well…

In addition to the Yellow Knight, we have also been working on the village board. As we mentioned in the learn to play video and during the campaign, the board we were using for videos and the Print & Play was only a placeholder. We now have the preliminary sketch in for the board your cards will sit on. It is not finished yet, and we have asked for some changes to the sketch, but we wanted to give you an idea where this is heading.


Once we have the board artwork finalized we will be labelling up some different areas that will show where you are in the village when you are doing different things, like extra leveling, buying treasures or preparing.

Our next update (hopefully on its way before the end of April) should be information about the Pledge Manager. We are in the process of finalizing terms with our providers for the Pledge Manager and the fulfillment for shipping and when the “t”s are crossed and the “i”s are dotted we’ll be able to share links and information with you about how to use it!

— Mark Wootton & the Thunderstone Team


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