Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: And You Thought Figuring Out The Dungeon Was A Puzzle?

A couple of work-in-progress updates for you.

Firstly a quick pic from China, where our production manager is working with our production partners to figure out the best way to put together the Champion reward level box. Coming up with something that will store nearly 2,000 sleeved cards and all of the other components in a way that is easy to use, is a challenging puzzle to solve! As you can see from the picture this box is a monster. At the moment this is just a white sample, and not all of the pieces are there (missing various trays etc.). You can also see the smaller box for the Adventurer level pledge.

You will also recall that we sent out the awesome graphic for the board a couple of weeks ago. We are still working on the final board layout, but we thought we would give a sneak peek of the work in progress. Those of you who watched John and Mark play through the print and play set might recall that we said some of the abilities available to the players would be on the board, and this would be a little more expansive than what we were showing you in the learn to play and print and play that we sent out.

As you can see, there are four locations that you can visit in the village. You generally have three actions available to you – buy a card (either a hero or marketplace card), heal a wound, and level up a hero. But the four locations add (or subtract) from those basic options. In the Guilds’ Quarter you can level up an additional hero. If you place your Champion (your miniature) in the Bazaar you can buy one of the three Gear tokens available in addition to a card. The Temple is very similar to the old Prepare action in Thunderstone Advance, in that you can use it to set yourself up for future turns, but in this case you can also heal and additional wound – it comes with a cost though, you lose the ability to level a hero and cannot use card effects that might also let you go to the Dungeon. Finally there is the Shop of Arcane Wonders, where you can buy Treasure cards (at a price of course).

As you see the Village Board is labeled where all the different card types will be placed. We recognize though that some players prefer a more free-form game. Thus, the back of the Village Board will have these labels removed. Players may use either side as they choose.

Thanks for continuing to support Thunderstone Quest!

— Mark Wootton, Project Lead

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