Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: Pledge Manager Information

Attention Backers!

We are almost ready to begin using the Pledge Manager for Thunderstone Quest!

We have selected BackerKit as our platform provider for Pledge Management. BackerKit has powered thousands of successful campaigns and they have by far the best suite of tools that we reviewed while selecting a platform.

You will be able to add additional Champion Rewards to your order, add and manage Add-Ons, and we’ve made our best-selling Card Crafting Game Mystic Vale available as an Add-On as well (we’re testing the ability to offer other games in our catalog to Kickstarter backers)!

Late Pledges

We have received enormous interest in backing the campaign since it ended and we have decided to enable people to join the fun! Anyone who wants to make a late pledge will be able to do so through the BackerKit system, at this URL:

Late pledges will receive the same Rewards as those who backed during the campaign.


We have also been working to select a fulfillment system and we have been able to use the shipping rates and information we’ve been provided to calculate shipping costs for the Rewards and Add-Ons. As we noted in the campaign we are going to be charging as close to actual shipping costs as we can for each order. AEG is not making any profit on shipping & handling.

The Champion Reward is enormous.

These are images of production samples for the components. (They are obviously not the actual components, tokens & dice are just placeholders, etc.) Premium Box not shown.

We are estimating the weight of the Champion reward at 15lbs.

We significantly overshot our original weight estimates because of the addition of the Grand Finale Quest so we’re going to be at the high end of our estimated shipping costs (and over those estimates for some backers).

Backers in China (including Hong Kong), Australia, Canada, the UK, and the European Union (plus Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) plus the United States will have their rewards delivered from a depot in those regions. We will handle the customs and taxes to ship from our factory into those depots. Most backers in those regions will receive their shipments without additional taxes or fees as a result. If for some reason there is some assessment made at the point of delivery it will be beyond our control and you will be responsible for payment.  Shipping costs for the Champion Reward for these depots will be:

  • US: $18
  • Canada: $25
  • Germany: $17
  • EU+: $27
  • UK: $28
  • Australia: $24
  • China: $22
  • Rest of world: ~$53-63

Backers outside the regions directly served by a depot will be shipped from the closest available depot. Most shipments in Asia will originate in China. New Zealand will be shipped from Australia. Shipments in Central and South America will originate either from the US or from Germany depending on the best available rates. Shipments to the rest of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East will be shipped from Germany. Backers outside the regions directly serviced by the depots may incur taxes and customs fees on receipt and you’ll be responsible for payment.

Shipping will be charged directly in the Pledge Manager.

Refund Policy

As noted in the campaign we offer a refund at any time for any reason. We will refund 92% of your pledge (the full amount less the Kickstarter fee and payment platform fee).

8 Week Time Window for Using the Pledge Manager

Once you receive your invitation to use the Pledge Manager you will have 8 weeks to log in, confirm your pledge, manage Add-ons, and pay for shipping.

After 8 weeks we may not be able to accommodate requests to make changes to your pledge and we will work with you as necessary to resolve any issues outstanding.

At the end of the 8 week window we will be finalizing our orders with our production facilities and we will not be able to make major changes to the number of units being produced without additional costs and delays. So please please please access the Pledge Manager within the next 8 weeks to ensure your order is updated and finalized!

Some backers will receive an invitation to the Pledge Manager in the next 48 hours. We’re going to issue invitations to about 10% of the backers and allow them time to use the platform to detect any problems or issues that we need to correct before we invite the rest of the backers to the platform. Everyone should have a Pledge Manager invitation by the end of the weekend.

If you have any questions or comments please email for fastest response! Messages left as comments on Kickstarter may not receive a response in a timely manner.

— The AEG Thunderstone Team

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