Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter: New Card Reveal #1 Fire & Brimstone

Over the next few weeks we are going to bring you some of our favourite cards during playtest and what we did with them. The first instillment is from Erik Yaple.

Fire and Brimstone

So, during one of our playtest sessions, I just was not feeling it and thought I would take it easy – but the forces that be, sometimes have other ideas. One of the characters, Brimstone, is one I had not personally playtested much, so I was requested to check on that hero in our next session.

One of the Quest cards that I drew was The Dragon’s Hoard, so I thought I would retry a previously unsuccessful strategy and spend the majority of my time in the village buying high VP cards for my deck with little concern for the dungeon itself.

Well, fate had other plans. On my first hand, I drew a perfect dungeon hand: all Adventurers and Daggers, which led to more Adventurers and some light from my Lanterns. I ran past the Wilderness straight to a level 2 monster and slayed it.

Knowing my next hand would be a great village turn, I planned on leveling up and buying Lightstone Gems until they were gone.

Which is exactly what I started doing when it came my turn, leveling into Brimstone. For the next few turns I revealed darn near perfect dungeon turns, then village turns. This killed my no-dungeon strategy pretty quickly. I soon acquired a few level 2 Brimstones, which, back then, had a very similar ability to the level 3 Brimstone.

With all of the Lightstone Gems I was rocking, I was slaying monsters left and right, regardless of their drawbacks and abilities, just through sheer force. When you have multiple Brimstones they all benefit from your cards that produce light, and since I was the only one focusing on that character, it was easy for me to get double, triple, and quadruple duty out of my light cards.

Based on that day, we toned down the second level Brimstone – now he has sort of an ability that plays off of your other heroes that provide light – much less susceptible to abuse. That was a day when I tried to play passively, but the card gods drew me into the game, and I was forced to adapt to my shuffles and make the best of my situation. There are a lot of paths you can take in Thunderstone Quest, but there is a random factor that may make some of those paths more attractive despite that not being your original plan.

That’s a sign of a good game. Adapt or perish!

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