This is part two in a series of articles meant to provide tips and advice to players trying The Masters’ Trials: Wrath of Magmaroth. The Mystic is the most math-y class to play. He is good at generating/manipulating mana and excels at taking down Seals. When playing with a Mystic,Read More →

Designer John D Clair has kindly provided us with a look into the creation and development of Mystic Vale. I was taking a walk in my neighborhood on a warm Los Angeles evening in 2013.  The goal of the walk was to brainstorm, bouncing around in my head anything andRead More →

There are trillions of ways to combine the cards in the three Valley of the Kings versions to create a unique gaming experience, but the suggested combinations below have been specially designed to be entertaining and challenging. Do you have a favorite way to combine Valley of the Kings versions? If you do pleaseRead More →

Can’t find an opponent for Valley of the Kings or its sequels? Don’t fret. You can still play by yourself. Below are two Valley of the Kings solitaire games. These two games will sharpen your skills when playing against others. For both games the following additional rules apply: You may examine the boneyard whenever youRead More →

Burial Practices of Ancient Egypt By Tom Cleaver Don’t just play (and win) at Valley of the Kings. Impress your friends with your deep knowledge of Ancient Egypt! Read on, and you may just learn how to make your own mummy. If you were an ancient Egyptian noble, your death wasRead More →

Designer Tom Cleaver has kindly provided us with a look into the creation and development of Valley of the Kings. Egypt! Land of the Pharaohs. Its magic and mystery have fascinated me ever since I first saw Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy. Many years later I traveled to Egypt withRead More →