Strategy Tips: Avenger

This is part one in a series of articles meant to provide tips and advice to players trying The Masters’ Trials: Wrath of Magmaroth.

The Avenger is the most straightforward class to play. She is good at dealing damage and with new minions appearing every round, she has lots and lots of targets.

  • When playing with an Avenger, you should focus on abilities that deal damage. The party relies on you to deal with the bigger threats, so you need to make sure you can deliver on that. Everything else is low priority.
  • You don’t need to invest too much on mana producing abilities. You usually get enough mana out of the minions that you destroy so it is more effective to focus on mastering other abilities.
  • Unless your dice land on multiple Insight-producing abilities on the first round, you can safely ignore Relics.
  • Being able to deal a lot of damage allows you to control what mana you and the other players will be getting out of the minions. It is important to discuss with the other players, see if any of them is able to deal even a single point of damage, and ask them what type of mana they could use. Then, deal your damage so that the rest of the threats are taken care of and these minions are left for the other players.
  • Make often use of the elemental actions. Since you generate a lot of mana when you destroy minions, using the elemental actions properly allows you to do even more things than what you initially thought possible and provide additional assistance (beyond damage output) to the party. A stunned minion is better than a non stunned one!
  • Sometimes, you may end up producing so much mana out of destroyed minions that you will be able to break Seals on your own. Keep it in mind since it may be very helpful for the party.
  • By the time you reach Magmaroth, you should be able to consistently generate at least 6-8 damage per turn. Depending on the abilities and the die rolls, it is not uncommon for Avengers to deal even 12+ damage.

Cool Combinations

  • The most obvious combination out of the cards the Avenger has in her disposal is Ignite the Flame with Rain of Fire. These 2 abilities allow you to quickly take care of multiple minions at once, especially the smaller ones. Not only does the fire mana you already have, translate into damage on multiple minions, as soon as they die you get more fire mana which allows you to finish off those that were left standing.


  • If there is a Warden in the party, Consuming Rage is very powerful and should be highly prioritized, especially when combined with Restoration.


  • The Order of the Glowing Embers is the optimal Order for the Avenger due to Imbue the Body and the 3 copies of Crushing Blow. The Order of the Burning Sands also contains 3 copies of Crushing Blow as well as many Fire Mana abilities on the board, which makes it another good option. The Order of the Celestial Tide has Tame the Tide which you can make great use of, but be aware that the board does not contain many Fire Mana It will provide you with multiple Ripple abilities though which are also great with almost all of your cards.



  • The Sword of Fury is probably the most easy to use but since all of the Weapons have damage-dealing abilities, they are all good candidates for your character.


The Masters’ Trials: The Wrath of Magmaroth is a co-operative dice placement game for 1 to 4 players. On sale in December!

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