Combining Valley of the Kings Sets

There are trillions of ways to combine the cards in the three Valley of the Kings versions to create a unique gaming experience, but the suggested combinations below have been specially designed to be entertaining and challenging.

Do you have a favorite way to combine Valley of the Kings versions? If you do please send it to If we like it, we may publish it here.

Nice and Sweet

By John Burt (quill65 on Board Game Geek) edited by Tom Cleaver

“This set was designed to give good buy and entomb abilities as well as allow for fun moves with chained actions. We don’t like conflict so we left out the attack cards.”

3 set (red): Middle Sarcophagus / Brain Hook, Linen Bandages

4 set (brown): Hopi Canopic Jar / Bracelet, Brooch, Necklace

5 set (yellow-orange): Wadj Amulet, Tyet Amulet, Djed Pillar Amulet / Offering Chapel, Antechamber

6 set (green): Book of the Heavens, Book of the Netherworld / Dagger, Spear, Bow, Khopesh

7 set (blue): Statue of Anubis, Statue of Horus, Statue of Isis, Statue of Osiris / Goddess Nut, Apis Bull, Victory

Uniques (purple): Mummified Cat, Ka Figurine, Chariot, Boat, Burial Mask / Mirror Case, Hounds and Jackals Game, Sphinx, Calcite Cup, Ibex Statue

Nasty Nasty

By Tom Cleaver

“This set was designed for those of the ‘take that!’ school of game play. It has lots of player interaction and lots of nasty combos.”

3 set (red): Outer Sarcophagus, Inner Sarcophagus / Linen Bandages

4 set (brown): Duamutef Canopic Jar, Qebehsenuef Canopic Jar / Brooch, Necklace

5 set (yellow-orange): Weres Amulet, Tyet Amulet / Serdab, Antechamber, Burial Chamber

6 set (green): Book of the Heavens, Book of the Netherworld, Book of the Dead / Sling, Dagger, Axe

7 set (blue): Statue of Bastet, Statue of Sobek, Statue of Osiris / Harvest, Goddess Nut, Goddess Maat, Victory

Uniques (purple): Censer, Chariot, Boat / Senet Game, Mirror Case, Ibex Statue

High Intensity

By Stuart Dunn (Dismas on Board Game Geek) edited by Tom Cleaver.

This game combines cards from all three versions (original, Afterlife, and Last Rites). It has an increased deck size, so it takes longer to play (perhaps 75 minutes).

Starter Deck: 2 Shabtis, 2 Menials, 1 Urn,1 Box of Food, 1 Offering Table, 1 Embalmer, 1 Kite, and 1 Medjay

3 sets (red): Sarcophagi and Mummification (6 cards)

4 sets (brown): Canopic Jars and Jewelry (8 cards)

5 sets (yellow-orange): Amulets, Chambers, and Builders (15 cards)

6 sets (green): Books, Weapons, and Priests (18 cards)

7 sets (blue): Statues, Tomb Art, and Builders (21 cards)

8 set (light brown): Artisans (8 cards)

Uniques (purple): Everything from all three games (16 cards)
Use one set card from each of the color sets, so that there are no duplicate cards in the game. Treat each set separately – don’t combine them into supersets.

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