And So It Begins!

Thunderstone Quest Backers we are pleased to announce (*) that we have begun the process of fulfilling your Kickstarter Rewards.

We are ahead of the schedule as described in the Rewards on the Kickstarter!

What does this mean? Is my Reward already on its way?


The first step in the fulfillment process is Locking and Closing the Pledge Manager. “Locked” means “no more changes to your address or payment method”. “Closed” means no more changes to orders.

We will be Locking and Closing the Pledge Manager after Tuesday December 12th. That is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. Assume that on noon, Tuesday December 12th the Pledge Manager will be Locked and Closed. You MUST be sure that your name and address as listed in the Pledge Manager (not Kickstarter) is correct for receipt of a package in February of 2018.

Does this mean my Reward is already on its way?


We currently expect to begin shipping your Rewards to our Fulfillment Depots all around the world in mid-December after we Close and Lock the Pledge Manager. Our team is going to be on site in China as this process is underway to ensure a smooth transition of the Rewards from the factories to the first leg of the shipping system. Packages will begin shipping from the Depots on a coordinated schedule several weeks later so that most backers will get their Rewards at approximately the same time. We will have more details on the exact timing for deliveries in an upcoming Update!

Yes, there will be pictures!

We know that everyone is excited and wants to know the up-to-the-minute status of Reward Delivery, so we are enhancing the Thunderstone page on our website to enable you to know as much information as we know about the process. We’ll be continuing to send an Update on our regular monthly schedule but we may provide additional Updates for important notices about the process of fulfillment. The current eta, status, and milestones will always be displayed on the Thunderstone page.

Have a problem? Need to allocate funds left over from the Kickstarter in the Pledge Manager? Have concerns about not being able to receive your package at the address you have provided to the Pledge Manager? We can help!

Email for assistance.

Fulfillment FAQ

Q: What if I have not provided my delivery address to the Pledge Manager?

A: Your shipment will not be sent until we have a valid address in the Pledge Manager. Your Reward will sit in our warehouse, wondering when it will get to see you, hoping that you’ll remember it and claim it. Sadly, you’ll get it delivered after most backers will have received their Rewards. Avoid making your Reward sad, provide your address now!

Q: What if I have not provided my payment method for the balance due on my account (for shipping, for example) or for some reason my payment method is not valid or cannot be charged after Tuesday the 12th of December?

A: You’ll receive notifications from BackerKit if your payment cannot be collected and you’ll have ample opportunity to fix the issue if you can. As long as we’re able to collect the balance due on your Reward before we begin shipping the Rewards from the Depots to Backers, you’ll still be able to get yours on time. Rewards with unpaid balances will not ship and they’ll also be sitting next to their sad friends with no delivery addresses awaiting your assistance to see them safely home.

Q: What if I have prepaid for add-ons and haven’t allocated those funds to my order?

A: Contact now. We have to manually change your order and recalculate your balance due. Once you tell us what you want and we make the necessary changes your order will be complete. If you don’t get your changes in before Tuesday December 12th we may not be able to ensure that the add-ons you want will be included in your Reward.

Q: What if for some reason there is a positive balance on my account after my order is processed?

A: We will convert all positive balances to store credit on our online store. You’ll receive a notification of this if it happens to your account. The only reason this would happen is if you pre-paid for add-ons on Kickstarter, didn’t tell us how to allocate those funds before Tuesday the 12th of December, and your order shipped with the positive balance still on your account. We’d much rather send you the Epic Thunderstone and Premium Sleeves you want than give you a credit so please tell us immediately how to allocate those funds!

Q: I won’t be able to receive my order in early 2018, or I don’t know what my address will be in early 2018, or I have some other delivery issue that will affect me.

A: Email immediately and we’ll work with you to the best of our ability to resolve your issue.

Q: I’ve got some other concern that hasn’t been addressed.

A: Email and we’ll try to sort out the issue.

(*) We are going to transmit this message as widely and loudly as we can so you may see this content on Facebook, Twitter, BoardGameGeek, Reddit, etc. We apologize for the redundancy but we know that different people will see it in different places and we really want to get everyone’s Reward shipped on time as quickly as we can.

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