Edge of Darkness Kickstarter Announcement

On February 20th at noon (EST) Alderac Entertainment Group will launch the Kickstarter for the most ambitious tabletop game it has ever published.

That game is titled Edge of Darkness. It is designed by John D. Clair, designer of the ORIGINS Award Winning Mystic Vale. Graphic design and primary illustrations by Alayna Lemmer-Danner.

Edge of Darkness is a medium-weight game for 2 to 4 players featuring card crafting, worker placement, shared deckbuilding, and a cube tower Threat system. The game is modular to provide extensive replayability.

In Edge of Darkness players take the roles of leaders of powerful Guilds inside the city of Aegis beset by powerful evil forces determined to destroy it, known collectively as the Blight. Aegis exists in the same world as Mystic Vale, although in a different region of the world. The players must compete for resources and attempt to exert control over the various critical areas of the city in order to build support within Aegis while defending against the attacks of the Blight. The game is played in rounds, and ends after a set number of rounds have passed. The winner is the player that has amassed the most Victory Points.

Highlights of the game include:

1. Card Crafting: Similar to the original card-crafting game, Mystic Vale, all cards are constructed of crafting slips which have game content on 1/3rd of the slip and are transparent on the other 2/3rds. During the game players will construct cards, combining (sleeving) different effects onto one card (ideally in ways that make strategic sense). However, unlike Mystic Vale, the transparent cards are double-sided, and when you upgrade the “good” side of the cards (front), you also add strength to the “bad” side of the cards (back).

2. Group deckbuilding using one shared deck: Rather than having your own deck, there is a central deck that all players draw from and discard to. Different players will have the allegiance of different cards in that deck. Using other players’ cards means you have to pay them. During the game you can claim allegiance of more cards in the deck by sleeving a slip into the card with your color and seal.

3. Card-driven worker placement: While your actions are card-driven, most costs in the game are in the form of opportunity cost. Advancements don’t have a cost, instead they require the use of workers to a greater or lesser degree depending on the power of the card. e.g. many effects require placing or pulling workers from different city locations as dictated by the card effects. Since you have a limited number of workers to use, you will constantly be choosing to forgo one useful thing in order to do another.

4. Threat Tower: There is a Threat Tower which dictates when and who Threats will attack. Cards leave the shared deck and enter the Threat Board, where they accumulate Threat Cubes on each player’s turn. These cubes are color-coded, and when a threshold number of cubes of a given color accumulate on a card, it attacks the City. If the color matches one of the players, it attacks that player. If the color is black, it attacks all players!

5. Modular set upEdge of Darkness will come with 20+ Locations. Each game you use only 10 of these Locations, which can be specifically selected or chosen randomly, making for a lot of variety from game-to-game in the types of challenges you will face and the strategies you will need to employ. These Locations are comprised of a Location Board and Crafting Slips. Location Boards may specify special rules for worker placement, or extend the basic rules with all new systems. For example, a combination of Location Boards can be used to assemble a party of heroes to take the fight to the Threat Tower and engage in a Monster Hunt!

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