Introducing the City of Aegis

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, players take the roles of leaders of important Guilds inside the city of Aegis. Aegis is a bastion of the free world against the taint of the Blight.

Aegis controls an area of the world near the ocean. It has a central metropolis where most of the population lives and where major trade & industry is concentrated. In the nearby lands there are smaller settlements, called hollows, under the protection of Aegis which guard important approaches and the nearby harbor.

The politics of Aegis are complex. A four-way rivalry between major Guilds determines who controls the agenda of the city – planning its defense, meeting the needs of the people, managing trade and communication with the rest of the world, etc. During the game one of these Guilds will become dominant and assume overall leadership of Aegis.

In the game the city is represented by Locations. Each Location consists of a Location Board and a set of Card Advancements that are linked to that board. Each time you play you’ll select 10 Locations to comprise the city for that game. The base Edge of Darkness game includes 21 Locations so you have many options on how to set up the city for each game. We include a list of suggested setups which introduce all the Locations that you can use to play a series of games with Locations that work well together.

Card Advancements and Location Boards work together. Card Advancements that you select from one of the Locations will usually reference actions that you can take with that Location when the card with that Advancement is in your hand (including the turn you select it!). Some Locations have effects based on how many of your Agents (workers) you’ve placed there. Typically the Card Advancements will determine when and how you send and retrieve Agents to and from the associated Location.

Aegis also consists of a supply of Coins, Influence and Reputation that you can accumulate as you play, and a drafting tableau where you select the cards that will be in your hand each turn.

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