The Two Sides of Fate

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, the Card Crafting System first used in the ORIGINS Award Winning Mystic Vale game is twice as amazing!

Cards in Edge of Darkness are created with the Card Crafting System, in which players place plastic advancements into clear plastic AEG Tarot-Sized Premium Sleeves.

In Edge of Darkness these Advancements are double-sided – a major technical advance from Mystic Vale! One side represents the players’ influence with areas of the city of Aegis, the other side represents the Blight.

Advancements have game content on one-third of the Advancement, and the other two-thirds is transparent which allows Advancements to be overlapped inside the Premium Sleeve.

AEG Premium Sleeves are designed to withstand a lot of sleeving and unsleeving of Advancements, but we know that they can eventually wear out, so each copy of Edge of Darkness ships with extra Premium Sleeves.  There will also be an Add-On in the Kickstarter that will allow Backers to purchase “extra extra” Sleeves for even more redundancy. The AEG Premium Sleeves used in Edge of Darkness are the same as the sleeves used in Mystic Vale so players of that game may also think about using the Add-On to get more sleeves for both games.

There are no components in Edge of Darkness that could be protected by a sleeving product so there is no need to buy additional sleeves other than those for use in play.

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(Card art and mechanics featured is not final and is subject to change before publication)


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