The Threat of the Blight

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, the City of Aegis is surrounded by hostile forces known collectively as the Blight.

The Blight is insidious and it is multi-faceted. The Blight endangers Aegis not just by attacks against its walls and settlements by powerful monsters but also by corrupting the leadership of the city and creating divisions between its people.

On each player’s turn the player collects Threat cubes based on the cards they have drawn. The more Advancements that have been sleeved into a card, the more Threat that card may generate. Players draw Threat cubes from a bag randomly. The cubes are placed on the main game board once drawn so that all players can see what dangers lurk in the future. This tracking section of the board also delays the arrival of the Threat cubes by one turn which means all players will have a chance to calculate their odds of being subjected to an attack and can plan a response.

Edge of Darkness is played with a Threat Tower. On their turn, the players drop their Threat cubes into the Threat Tower. Inside the Tower the markers tumble and bounce, and then exit at one of three locations. Each location holds a card placed so that the Blight side is face up. These cards represent the immediate danger Aegis faces. When a card at the Tower has accumulated a set amount of Threat cubes, that card inflicts its damage on the city, terrorizing the citizens. It is then discarded and replaced with a new card from the draw pile.

Each player is represented by a color of Threat cubes and the players collectively are also represented by black cubes. The Blight may attack one, some, or all of the players depending on which colors of Threat cubes are on the card when its threshold to attack is breached. If one or more players have a plurality of the Threat cubes, the Blight attacks those players. If black has the plurality or is tied for the plurality the Blight attacks all players. Even if a player’s color is tied with black and black attacks, each player is only attacked once by each Threat.

It is possible that enough Threat cubes land on more than one card to trigger an attack and when that happens all the activated cards attack, one at a time, and their attack is based on which players have the plurality (or if black has the plurality) on the individual cards.

If the Blight attacks a player and that player cannot defend against the attack, the people of Aegis lose some faith in that player’s Guild, reducing the amount of Victory Points they’ll score at the end of the game.

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