The Guilds of the City

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, players take the roles of leaders of important Guilds inside the city of Aegis. The Guilds are all rivals and each believes the others will lead the city into disaster. Only by ensuring your Guild wins the support of the people can you make sure Aegis will resist the Blight.

There are four Guilds in the game:

The Gilded Leaves, a mysterious group that primarily recruits among magicians and druids in the city. Their color is green and their symbol a leaf.
The Carnival of Shadows, a cabal that primarily recruits among noblemen and women of the city. Their color is red and their symbol a mask.
The Annointed, a group that primarily recruits from the ranks of the devout (regardless of their stature) in the city. Their color is white and their symbol a chalice.
The Fede Cartel, a mercantile group that primarily recruits from the working class in the city. Their color is purple and their symbol a pair of hands shaking.

The four Guilds play functionally identically and don’t have special Guild powers.

Each Guild has a Guild (player) Board used to track various information and hold resources.

Guilds have Agents (workers). At the start of the game the Guild has 4 trained Agents ready to be deployed, and 6 untrained agents. Converting an Agent to Trained status requires the use of certain Locations and Advancements. Trained and Untrained Agents have their own locations on the Guild Board.

Each Guild independently tracks the terror level in Aegis. When The Blight attacks a Guild and the Guild cannot block the attack, the people of the city lose some confidence in that Guild. The worse the terror level the fewer victory points the Guild will score at the end of the game. Each Guild Board has its own Defense Track where the Guild’s reputation for defending the city is tracked.

The Guild Board has a Guildhall where discarded cards drawn by other players are placed, ready to be drawn at the start of the next turn.

The Guild Board also has reservoirs to hold Coin, Influence and Goodwill/Prestige accumulated during play.

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(Guild icons and colors are not finalized and may change before publication)

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