Defense Against the Blight

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, The Blight constantly terrorizes the inhabitants of the City.  When enough Threat cubes have accumulated on a card in the Threat Tower, that card attacks the City. The Guild leaders (players) can try to block The Blight’s attacks.

There are two Locations available to the Guild Leaders to resist The Threat: The Watchtower and The City Watch.

The Watchtower

The Watchtower provides access to an Advancement that allows the player to assign an Agent (worker) to the Watchtower.

The Watchtower Location permits each Guild Leader to return one or more of their Agents to their Guild Board when The Blight attacks them.

Each Agent returned reduces the Power of The Blight’s attack by 3.

The City Watch

The City Watch provides access to an Advancement that allows the Guild Leader to assign up to 2 Agents per use of the Advancement to the City Watch.  

The City Watch Location indicates that each Agent assigned to the City Watch reduces the Power of The Threat’s attack by 1. These Agents remain at the City Watch until recalled by another kind of action.

There are also other Locations planned that can defend in other ways.

If the Power of the Blight’s attack against a Guild is reduced to 0 or less The Blight’s attack is blocked. The citizens of the City take note of these successes and award 1 Reputation to the Guilds who succeed in nullifying the attack. In the cases where the Blight is attacking multiple Guilds at the same time it is possible for the Blight to be thwarted against one Guild and succeed against another. Only the Guild(s) that fail will see the Terror of the City increase, and only the Guild(s) that negate the full power of the attack gain any Reputation.

Of course, as always, even sleeving defensive advancements will still make the threat side of the cards more dangerous.

The threat on the Watchtower is a Silent Watcher capable of bypassing the city walls and striking fear into the population.

On the City Watch the threat is the Corruption Within reflecting the fact that even in the most stalwart defenders there are those who will seek to abuse their positions of authority.

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