Take the Fight to the Foe!

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, the city of Aegis suffers constant threat from the Blight, but the Guilds may be able to take the offensive and send their own forces to hunt the threat!

When an attack by the Blight is negated by reducing the damage of the attack to zero or less each successful Guild Leader (player) scores a point of Reputation. But proactively hunting the threat and destroying it before it even affects the City provides the successful Guild even more Reputation and other rewards.

There are two Locations in the initial recommended Location list that work well together to actively fight the Blight. You need to send Agents to the War Council to get permission to attack (Politics even in the most desperate of times) and then you can summon help from the Deephollow Border town to crush the threat.

The War Council

One Location that allows Guild Leaders to do this is the War Council.

The War Council’s Advancement, the War Council Member, allows the Guild Leader to assign Agents to the War Council Location.

The War Council Location itself allows a Guild Leader to return Agents to the Guild Board to trigger a Hunt Against the Threat!

Notice that you’d have to use the ability on the War Council Member twice before you’ll have enough Agents at the War Council to use the Location’s ability. You might use the ability on the Advancement when sleeving the Advancement, then wait to get it in your hand again in the future (after drafting another copy sleeved by yourself or some other player), or you might arrange to sleeve the Advancement twice on the same card, enabling you to trigger the War Council every time you had that card in your hand!

But by itself, the War Council does nothing except cause the Hunt to begin.

In order to be effective, the Hunt must have its own Battle Strength. Battle Strength is accumulated through the use of other Advancements and Locations.

The Deephollow Border Town

For example, the Deephollow Border Town Location provides Advancements that allow a Guild Leader to dispatch 2 Agents to the Deephollow Border Town. (The Location itself has no intrinsic abilities).

This Advancement also alternately allows a Guild Leader to recall 2 Agents to the Guild Board to generate 3 combat power for the Hunt. (The work of the Agents in the Border Town is assumed to have successfully recruited heroes willing to venture into the darklands!)

Several of the Advancements and Locations in the game can generate Battle Strength for a Hunt, the Deephollow Border Town is just one. For example, one of the starting Advancements in the cards as the game begins, the Citizens, also generate Battle Strength.

As the game begins the Citizens don’t provide much value when they’re in your hand. Until you’re ready to initiate a Hunt a Citizen card without any other Advancements isn’t advancing your agenda. Deciding how and when and with what Advancements to upgrade Citizens is a critical part of the strategy for victory in Edge of Darkness.

Conducting the Hunt

Each card in the Threat Tower has a combined damage represented by all the forces it displays. If a Guild Leader is able to launch a Hunt with enough Battle Strength to equal or exceed the damage of one of the Blight cards, that card is defeated! All the Threat cubes on it are discarded, and the card itself is also discarded. It will generate Reputation (and possibly other benefits!) based on the information on all the Advancements on the Blight side of the card.

If a Guild Leader is able to defeat more than one Blight card at the Tower, they can! Each card defeated soaks an amount of Battle Strength from the Hunt, but any left over can be used against a second (or even a third) threat!

After your turn ends all the Battle Strength you’ve generated dissipates even if you didn’t use it all. You need to generate new Battle Strength every time you want to conduct a Hunt.

The Power of the Blight

Sleeving Advancements is powerful but also dangerous. Each Advancement that is sleeved is double-sided so that the reverse side of the card increases the power of the Blight.

The Blight is represented on these two Locations as follows:

On the War Council the threat is a fallen Wizard, a figure once revered for great power now turned to the darkness and bent on the city’s destruction.

On the Deephollow Border Town the threat is Witches of Deephollow – childsnatchers who have been the bane of the Deephollow families for generations.

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