Gaining Ownership of New Cards

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, crafting amazing cards and getting those cards into your hand is one of the secrets to victory.

When the game begins each Guild “owns” a small set of cards but most cards are unowned. After each Guild Leader (player) completes their turn they discard their cards. Cards owned by their own Guild or unowned cards go into a common discard pile. Cards owned by another Guild go to that Guild’s Guildhall. At the start of each turn a Guild Leader fills their hand first from their Guildhall before drafting from the shared tableau. So over time you will get cards you own more frequently. (Also, if a card you own is in the Threat Tower and it attacks the City or is defeated in a Hunt, it is sent to your Guildhall instead of the common discard pile afterwards.)

When scoring Victory Points at the end of the game a Guild Leader gets one Victory Point for every Advancement sleeved into the cards their Guild owns. So “claiming” an unowned card automatically gets you extra VP, and the amount of VP you get increases if you Craft that card with even more Advancements.

You can’t claim a card owned by another Guild, and you can only claim a card in your hand.

Capital Hall

One way to to claim an unowned card is to use the Capital Hall Location. It’s Advancements allow you to assign Agents (workers) to the Capital Hall.

The Location itself allows you to return Agents to your Guild Board and pay a fee in Coin to claim an unowned card in your hand.

The Power of the Blight

The Threat side of this Advancement is the Deceitful Councellor who speaks poison into the ears of any who will listen, corrupting the politics of the City from within.

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