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In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, training Agents (workers) gives Guild Leaders (players) more options and more victory points.

Each Guild Leader begins the game with 10 Agents, 4 trained and 6 untrained. Because most Locations require Agents to be assigned to generate useful effects a Guild Leader may quickly find that 4 trained Agents are insufficient for their strategy.

Fairhollow Academy

Upgrading Agents from untrained to trained is the purpose of the Fairhollow Academy.

The Location itself has no effect. The Advancements it provides is the Academy Trustee, which  has an either/or effect. First, it allows a Guild Leader to assign Agents to the Fairhollow Academy. While there they contribute nothing to the overall success of the Guild Leader. But the Advancement has an “or” effect – when not being used to assign Agents to the Academy, the Advancement can instead be used to return an Agent from the Academy to the Guildhall, and at the same time, upgrading an untrained Agent to trained status.

Not only do trained Agents give the Guild Leader possibly crucial flexibility, at the end of the game each trained Agent is worth 1 Victory Point!

The Blight

The Threat on the back of the Academy Trustee is a Battering Ram – a terrible monster capable of doing massive damage to the City.

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