How to defeat “Cow”

In Cat Lady, there are many routes to victory. One of my favorite strategies is the Lost Cat Strategy. Stray cats allow you to score big points if you can manage to get the right cards. Today I thought I’d write about one of the most feared stray cats in the game: Cow.

I’ll be writing this from the perspective of a 4 player game; however, most of the below points translate to other player counts.

If Cow is in the game you should probably act as if you are going to get him. Try to pick up Lost Cat Flyers and food (and of course avoid cats). If you are the first person to get two Lost Cat cards go ahead and take Cow, otherwise be ready to fight.

If you are the player to the left of Cow your path to victory is through collecting toys and costumes. The Cow player will be sucking up a lot of food, so collecting cats is not a solid counter-strategy. You can also try to collect Lost Cats if there is one that would be specifically helpful to you (such as Penny).

If you are to the right of the Cow player you should focus on taking food. But you need to also focus on taking spray bottles so you can use them to block amazing food rows that may get formed. You should also avoid taking cats, because the main way to beat the Cat Lady with Cow is to force them to take on unwanted cats. It’s also good to allow Cow’s owner to collect Lost Cat Flyers. They won’t really want to take new cats and the 2 points they get is a lot better than them taking more food.

The middle player has to be opportunistic. They often end up the most food and will likely be placed in the catnip role. They will get cats but shouldn’t take them early on. Trust me, there will be time in a Cow game.

If you notice the Cow player has a good lead on costumes, let her take even more since they’re not worth extra points. You may get minus 2 points for not having a costume, but that better than letting the Cow player get 2 extra food.

You can follow this link to learn more about Cat Lady!

Written by: Josh Wood

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