The Grand Library

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, players make surprising moves at the end of the game to come from behind and win!

There are several basic strategies that are usually viable (with various modifications and options based on which Locations are in the game): strongly confront the Blight; upgrade all Agents and claim lots of cards; and generate a lot of money.

At the end game during scoring players get a quarter of a Victory Point for every Coin they control. So earning money always moves you closer to victory. But when the Grand Library Location is in play the Guild Leaders pursuing the “make a lot of money” strategy gain a late-game option that can significantly increase their odds of winning.

The Grand Library

The Grand Library is one of the Locations with no game mechanic printed on it. However the Advancement it provides can be critical to success when accumulating coin is your objective.

The Grand Librarian allows you to convert your Coin to Reputation. Reputation converts to Victory Points at the scoring phase at a rate of 1:1.  Coins convert to Victory Points in the scoring phase 4:1.

The Advancement gives you three options for enhancing the conversion:

  • 4:2 (.5 per coin)
  • 10:4 (.4 per coin)
  • 15:6 (.4 per coin)

This is a fairly complex function worth some additional analysis. When used the player has to choose one of the three conversion rates. If they had 20 coins, they could not chose to use the 4:2 conversion 5 times in one turn, nor could they use the 4:2 conversion rate AND the 15:6 conversion rate.

The best conversion is 4:2, but that requires the Guild Leader to decide to convert Coin to Reputation in a fairly small quantity. At the 10:4 and 15:6 ratios the Guild Leader is getting a less efficient conversion but is converting more Coin at a time. Given that this is an ability you’re likely to be using near the end of the game, you may not have time to get the Grand Librarian into your hand again before the final round, so you may decide to convert what Coin you have rather than wait and hope you get a strong hand in a later turn.

It is more “money efficient” to use the Grand Library early and often. It is more “action efficient” to us the Grand Library once or twice near the end of the game.

This advancement is a nexus of strategic thinking and choices and represents another inflection point of flexibility that gives savvy players an advantage.

The Power of the Blight

The Blight is represented by the Muse of Knowledge, who tantalizes seekers of wisdom with insanity-inducing insights, hints that the truth is veiled by corruption and by kindling illogical rivalries between peers. She undermines trust in the Librarians and their institution.

Usually when a Hunt is declared and the Guild Leader is successful at defeating the Blight at the Threat Tower the reward is Reputation. But the Muse of Knowledge is one of those threats which is more complex. When she is defeated during a Hunt the successful Guild Leader can choose either to gain two Reputation, or gain one Reputation and sleeve another Advancement (aka a “Contact”) on a card they have in their hand! (And they can then use that Advancement!)

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