The Streets of Aegis

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, Guild Leaders can send a Dispatcher to call others to their aide!

The City of Aegis is not just buildings. It is also connected by roadways and the teamsters who connect the city together can form an important strategic asset for the Guilds as they vie for the population’s acclaim.

Because Edge of Darkness uses a common deck that all the players are altering each round getting the right cards into a hand can be the critical difference between generating synergies that lead to victory and a difficult turn that slows down the accumulation of Goodwill, Coin and Reputation.

The City Streets

When the City Streets Location is in the game players have access to a very powerful Contact. The Location itself has no intrinsic ability. Its power comes from its provision of the Dispatchers.

The Dispatcher has a flexible ability set that is worthwhile to parse.

First, when used it generates a Coin. So even on a turn when you are forced to use a rival’s card and pay the tax, the Dispatcher won’t set back your coffers. This also means if the Dispatcher is on your card, when other players draw that card, they will usually pay you to use it.

Second, the Dispatcher allows you to draw a card. By default you’ll be drawing the first card in the Street (Tableau). But if you pay 2 Influence you can draw that card from your Guild Hall instead.

It’s usually always good to have another card in hand; there’s no downside and there may be an ability on that card that is useful to you. But the synergy with the Guild Hall provides some very interesting strategic choices. For example, you might conduct a Hunt, and send force to the Threat Tower to confront a pending Threat that happens to be one of your cards. That card is discarded to your Guild Hall when defeated. Using the Dispatcher you could then bring that card into your hand and immediately use it in the same turn.

The Power of the Blight

The threat of the War Chariot is obvious. The guards and militia of Aegis tremble when the thunder of the hooves of the War Chariot’s beasts are heard on the battlefield. Few can withstand its charge and none who confront it are ever truly freed of the memories of the encounter.

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