Locations with Synergies

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, some Locations are impacted by the allocation of Agents (workers) the Guild Leaders (players) make to their domains.

Some Locations have no intrinsic abilities. Others have abilities that require Guild Leaders to dispatch Agents or retrieve Agents to trigger. Some Locations change their conditions based on how many Agents have been assigned to their domains.

This is a very strategic choice. Dispatching an Agent to a Location not for an immediate purpose but to leave it on that Location so that it changes the Location’s ability means that the Guild Leader is forgoing the ability to use that Agent elsewhere (at least until the Agent is recalled).

Guildmark University

The University Professor is the contact associated with the Guildmark University Location, and his  ability is improved based on the number of Agents the Guild Leader has assigned to the University Location. For each Agent assigned the cost to use the Professor’s ability  is reduced by 1.

The University Professor’s ability allows the Guild Leader to assign an Agent to the Guildmark University Location. It also allows the Guild Leader to pay 4 Coins to convert an Untrained Agent to a Trained Agent, and as stated, this cost is reduced for each Agent currently at the University Location. Thus, the more Agents the Guild Leader has assigned to the University the cheaper training Agents becomes. However, Agents are a limited resource, and if you are assigning Agents to the University simply to make training new agents cheaper you are not actually netting more available agents. You only really get an increased Agent force if you pay more coin and forgo the discount, or if you can bring home the the Agents you’ve assigned to the University.

So, how do Agents assigned to the University return to your Guild and become available for use elsewhere?

Neither the University Location nor the Professor Contact provide for a means of returning Agents .  Therefore, you will have to make use of the discard rule:  Before you use any effects on a card, you may discard it to return an Agent from any Location to your Trained Agents Pool. It could be a big sacrifice to forgo an entire card’s worth of abilities, or it might be a great use for a card that otherwise would do nothing for you in the current turn.

You’ll notice that the Guildmark University is similar to the Fairhollow Academy. Both provide a mechanism to upgrade untrained Agents to trained Agents; the Academy being more action intensive and requiring the use of Agents; the University being more Coin intensive but not requiring Agents, simply offering them as a means to a discount. Depending on which of these effects are included in the setup for your game, you will want to adjust your strategy. For example, if the University is the Location in use, and at the same time the other Locations in use offer only limited access to Coin, then training Agents may prove difficult–you may want to try and identify a strategy that can get by with fewer Agents.

The Power of the Blight

Knowledge can be twisted to evil ends as well as good. The Chimera is a cursed and corrupted thing made by those who should know better and who know too much. Escaped from some closed laboratory it now stalks the land terrorizing the people and hunting scouts and outriders of the Aegis’ defenses.

When defeated the Chimera gives the victor the choice of gaining Reputation or of sending a Trained Agent to any Location.

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