In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, converting cards that aren’t immediately useful for effects that are is a major strategic choice.

A tableau of card draw options called  the “Street” is filled from the shared deck. 6 cards are available in the Street, and each Guild Leader (Player) will draft from the Street to fill their hand, refilling Street for the next player after drafting their hand. Players must draw the first cards in the Street unless they pay Influence to skip over undesired cards in favor of better option on the Street.

Accessing the Street

It is not uncommon, especially in the early Rounds, for a Guild Leader to be forced to draft cards that are not immediately useful. Sometimes, on your turn during the draft the powerful advanced cards are at the bottom of the deck and the Street is full of mostly less powerful unadvanced cards.When that occurs the you have a discard option that is always available.  You may discard two cards before using any of the abilities on those cards to use an ability on a card in the Street.

The Guild Leader doesn’t draft that card, and it isn’t discarded. If the card is owned by another Guild, the Guild Leader must pay the 1 coin tax as normal.

A 2-card for 1-ability trade might seem a poor choice but often in the early to mid-game the ability to generate a synergy or make connections with other effects can give a Guild Leader a significant momentum boost. This option minimizes  “bad draws” by turning weaker cards into seudo wild-card effects.

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