A Bigger Hand

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, your Agents (workers) can increase your hand size when the right Location is available.

As the game begins each player has a hand size of 3. Players fill their hands first from their Guild Hall, then by drafting from the Street. Each card has a maximum of three abilities: one Citizen or Patrician; and two added by sleeving Advancements. The more cards a player has in their hand the more abilities they could potentially use on their turn.

Millhollow Farm Town

The Millhollow Farm Town Location gives you +1 hand size for every 2 Agents you have assigned to that Location. This ability stacks so if you have 4 Agents there you’ll have +2 to your hand size.

The Millhollow Landowner gets you access to the Millhollow Farm Town. This Contact allows you to dispatch Agents to the Millhollow Farm Town Location, or to recall them to your player board.

When they’re dispatched you gain a Coin, so assigning an Agent using another Guild’s card has a net cost of zero. When you recall the Agent you will get 3 Coins, reflecting the labor they did while on assignment.

You’ll have to use this ability at least twice before your hand size will increase. And the size of your hand only remains increased while your Agents are on assignment at the Millhollow Farm Town. The price you pay for an increased hand size is that those Agents won’t be available for use in other Locations until you recall them and dispatch them elsewhere.

The Power of the Blight

The Blight is represented at this Location by the Spirits of Decay. Similar to the threat facing the Druids of the Mystic Vale, these malevolent Spirits corrupt nature and spread their corruption through the land.

When defeated the Spirits of Decay produce either 2 Reputation, or 1 Reputation and convert an untrained Agent to a trained Agent.

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