The Prologue

In Edge of Darkness, coming to Kickstarter on February 20th, strategy begins before the first turn.

Edge of Darkness is played in a series of 8 rounds. But before the regular rounds, the players undertake the Prologue.

A Series of Important Events

The initial setup of the game provides each Guild Leader (player) with 4 cards owned by their Guild.

In the Prologue, Guild Leaders begin to make important strategic choices. To begin they determine who will be the first player to act. This Guild Leader then selects one of the 10 available Locations and sleeves its Advancement into one of their owned cards, and uses its Ability if allowed. The following effects may not be used during the Prologue: Effects that allow you to return Agents, draw cards, gain Battle Strength, confront Threats, claim Allegiance, or manipulate Threat Cubes or the Tower.

The Guild Leader then places one of their Player Aid tokens on the stack of Advancements they’ve selected. Player Aid tokens are helpful components that you can use to keep track of the order you are using abilities or any other record-keeping need that arises. In the Prologue Guild Leaders use them to mark Advancements that have been selected for use.

During the Prologue Guild Leaders are not allowed to use an Advancement previously selected – including the Guild Leader that selected one! Once the Prologue has ended these tokens are collected and returned to their owners, and then all Locations are available for use going forward. This limitation on use only applies during the Prologue.

The choice of which Advancement to select then passes to the next player to the left of the first player who selects and Advancement and marks it with a Player Aid token. When all Guild Leaders have made a selection, the last to choose chooses again, and then each Guild Leader selects a 2nd Advancement with the rotation now going to the right, so that the first player chooses their second Advancement last.

Guild Leaders can choose to sleeve Advancements in the Prologue into two different cards or into one card at their option. They can (as always) search the stack of Advancements for one in the position they desire, not being limited to whichever may be on top of the stack.

Finally, each Guild Leader selects one of the cards they own that has not had an Advancement sleeved into it, and places that card in their Guild Hall. This card will automatically be drawn first as they fill their hands when Round 1 begins. The other cards are combined with the starting cards from the other Guild Leaders and the neutral cards and shuffled to form the deck, from which 5 cards are dealt to form the Street.

It is then time to begin the play on Round 1.

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