Response to Thunderstone Quest has been phenomenal. It currently has an 8.3 rating on BoardGameGeek. It received three Top 20 placements in the BGG Most Anticipated poll.

Since Rewards from the Kickstarter were delivered around the world we’ve received a constant stream of questions about how to join the adventure.

We’re extremely pleased to announce that Thunderstone Quest is returning to Kickstarter in June. The next Kickstarter will feature the most requested new feature from the first Kickstarter: Solo/Co-Op rules which feature all new ways to defeat the Guardians before they destroy the Village. It will also feature the 6th Quest, What Lies Beneath. And for those who missed the first Kickstarter but are ready to strap on their swords and wands the Champion Reward will return for new Backers as well!

Over the next several weeks we’ll be sharing with you more information about the Kickstarter including the specific date and time it will launch, more details about the Solo / Co-Op system, and new cards from What Lies Beneath.

A few questions we can answer right now:

YES! Epic Thunderstone will be supported by the new content, and the Epic Add-on for the Champion Reward will be available in the Kickstarter.

YES! You’ll be able to buy more Premium Sleeves to keep your cards protected.

YES! The Champion Reward will be identical to the Champion Reward in the first Kickstarter.

YES! We will make the Solo/Co-Op Rules available as a PDF on the Thunderstone Quest website.

We are looking forward to rejoining our friends from the first Kickstarter and adding many new companions in June!