Thunderstone Quest – Back to the Dungeon Kickoff!

Thunderstone fans, we are ready to begin the marketing for the upcoming Kickstarter for Thunderstone Quest and this blog will set the stage. We are very excited to begin this project and with your help it’s going to be amazing and incredibly fun!

Our Thunderstone Quest Plan

When we completed the first Thunderstone Kickstarter we knew we had a huge hit. With over 5,000 backers, and a steady stream of Late Pledges, it was clear that the demand for Thunderstone was substantial.

Our goal for Thunderstone Quest is to transition it from Kickstarter into the traditional brick & mortar game store market. That process is complicated by the nature of Thunderstone Quest – creating a basic starter set has proved challenging to do at a price point that will work for retailers.

The Thunderstone community also strongly communicated that they wanted a Solo & Co-Op experience for the game. Our design team has been working on a game experience that is way beyond just a simple set of rules and represents an entirely new way to experience Thunderstone. We think it is AWESOME!

The time that it has taken us to get the Solo & Co-Op systems designed has proceeded in parallel with work on the next Quest for the game, and we also have the 6th Quest, What Lies Beneath finished.

Now we have some interesting timing challenges to address. Over 5,000 people have Thunderstone Quest on the table and we know they’re going to be ready to start playing new content soon (even though they’ve already got 5 Quests!). We don’t want to ask the people who really want Solo & Co-Op to wait longer than necessary to get access to that system. So we’ve decided to return to Kickstarter and take the game into traditional retail stores!

First, we’re going to run the 2nd Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter. Backers of that Kickstarter will be able to order the Thunderstone Quest Champion Reward that will be identical to the Champion Reward from the 1st Kickstarter: 5 Quests; all the Kickstarter exclusive cards including the Bandits of Blackrock; the Yellow Meeple; the plastic figures; the wood tokens; etc. We’re also going to offer a package consisting of the Solo & Co-Op System and Quest 6: What Lies Beneath (including support in the box for Epic Thunderstone for Quest 6!). People who already have the Champion Reward will be able to back the Kickstarter just for the new content, and people who are backing for the first time will be able to get everything! There will be Stretch Goals for the new content as well!  We will have some Add-ons available that will let a Backer who purchased the Adventurer Reward in the 1st Kickstarter get all the content they missed from the Champion Reward, a pack that will allow you to add additional players beyond 4 to the game, the Epic Add-On for the Champion Reward, and more Premium Sleeves.

The Champion Reward will return at $100. The new content for Solo & Co-Op plus Quest 6 and Stretch Goals will be $50.

Being a Kickstarter Backer will be the only way to get Quest 2: Total Eclipse of the Sun which is included in the Champion Reward.

We expect to deliver the Rewards from the 2nd Kickstarter no later than April of 2019.

Second, we’re going to plan to bring Thunderstone Quest to brick & mortar retailers in the 4th quarter of 2018. The line will launch with the core starter set which contains all the basic components and two Quests (Quest 1: A Mirror in the Dark, and Quest 3: Risen from the Mire). The MSRP for the core starter set will be $69.99. We will also release Quest 4: At the Foundations of the World as a separate SKU for $39.99. We plan to release Quest 5: Ripples in Time early in 2019, and Quest 6: What Lies Beneath in the 2nd half of 2019, both with $39.99 MSRPs. We expect to release the Solo & Co-Op system as a stand-alone release as well but have not yet determined pricing or timing.

Timing for Thunderstone Quest – Back to the Dungeon on Kickstarter

We had originally planned to begin the 2nd Kickstarter in June but we have pushed that date into July. The launch date for the Kickstarter will be Tuesday July 17th, at 9am Pacific Time. The Kickstarter will end on Friday August 17th at 5pm Pacific Time.

There will be a Kick It Here program for brick & mortar retailers who want to sell the Champion Reward, and get access to the Solo & Co-Op content and Quest 6: What Lies Beneath before the regular retail release. More information about the Kick It Here program is available to retailers on request.

Upcoming News & Information about Thunderstone Quest

The design team is busy creating a series of blog posts about all the cool new content coming in Thunderstone Quest – Back to the Dungeon. We’ll also be previewing the art from Quest 6: What Lies Beneath and talking about the new rules in the Solo & Co-Op system. Expect to see a new blog post on the Thunderstone page at two or three times a week between now and the launch of the Kickstarter.

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