JUNE 2018 – Nomad Games expands their team and acquires exclusive digital rights to
Mystic Vale, Cat Lady and Space Base.

Nomad Games is pleased to announce that it has acquired digital rights to three leading titles
from the renowned Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). The studio has created a team to
support the new developments on PC and mobile and plans to bring its growing portfolio of
digital board and card games to consoles including the Nintendo Switch™ and Playstation® 4.
At the same time, the studio continues to expand its currently available products,
Smash Up (AEG), Talisman: Digital Edition (Games Workshop), and Fighting Fantasy Legends
(Livingstone & Jackson).

Nomad Managing Director, Don Whiteford:

This is an exciting year for us, building on the success of our established titles, and it’s a key
point in our plan to bring together the growing worlds of cardboard and digital gaming. We are
fortunate to have found excellent partners who share our vision. As well as classic franchises like
Fighting Fantasy and Talisman, we will be working with new cutting-edge game designs that are
breaking new ground in the tabletop world.

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About Nomad Games
Nomad Games is a successful independent video games developer and publisher. With a growing
team of talented developers plus skills in licensing, funding, and digital publishing, the company
aims to bring the worlds of board gaming and video gaming together, creating new experiences
to be enjoyed on a wide range of digital devices. To date, the company has sold over two million
units of its popular adaptations. Nomad has a growing audience of players worldwide and works
with leading brands in the tabletop arena, including Games Workshop (Talisman and Talisman:
The Horus Heresy), Alderac Entertainment Group (Smash Up), Asmodee Digital, and Fighting
Fantasy Legends a game based on re-imagining the iconic Fighting Fantasy game books by
godfathers of the British Games Industry, Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson.

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About Alderac Entertainment Group

Alderac Entertainment Group has produced award-winning games and game worlds for over 20
years. Its flagship product, Legend of the Five Rings, features the second-longest running CCG
in the game industry, role-playing games, and board games. Alderac also produces the popular
boardgames Smash Up, Space Base, Cat Lady, Dice City, Trains, Doomtown: Reloaded, and
many more. Visit for more information.

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