Thunderstone Quest – Back to the Dungeon Swarms and Diseased Wounds

Swarms & Diseased Wounds

Thunderstone Quest 6: What Lies Beneath brings more to the game than just being a great story for Barricades Mode (Solo & CoOp play). It is also a full Quest with new goodies in it. Both of the goodies we are discussing today come from a new Monster Group: The Plague Rat Swarm.

(Mechanics not final)

Plague Rats have a keyword new to Thunderstone Quest, though familiar to the Thunderstone franchise: Swarm. Swarm Monsters are impossible to tell from each other, and you can never be sure how many of them there are. Thusly, the art for Swarm Monster groups, just like historic Thunderstone, will be indistinct from one another and, unlike historic Thunderstone, Swarm Monsters will get extra +1d6 rolls to their health, as noted on their cards. Swarm Monster abilities will sometimes relate to their die rolls as well. The impact this has is adding an unknown element to the game, making some of the battles less predictable than they otherwise would be. It also opens up more design space for interesting abilities that vary based on die rolls.

Plague Rats are more than just a swarm of vermin, they also bring with them Disease.

(Mechanics not final)

The Diseased Wound is a new wound card type added to Thunderstone Quest. Diseased Wounds combine with your Festering Wounds from the core game to form the Wound deck. Anytime a Wound card is needed, draw from this combined deck. Diseased Wounds bring a new hurdle for the players to overcome, as well as opening up more design space to expand the Wound deck beyond just Festering Wounds.

Diseased Wounds and Swarm Monsters are two of the new aspects in Thunderstone Quest 6: What Lies Beneath available for all modes of TSQ, but they are not the last ones. We have made sure to include lots of new material in here for both the new Barricades Mode, as well as for all modes of TSQ play, but we will wait to discuss them in future articles.

— Bryan Reese, Development Lead for Thunderstone Quest

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