The Yellow Meeple and how it Became a Sensation


During the Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter campaign, the Yellow Meeple became a token for demo purposes, since there were no minis available at the time.  However, people loved it so much, they began creating more and more images that depicted the meeple running from monsters and completing quests from the game. At AEG, we strongly believe in having fun and enjoying every part of the creation process, so we’re always looking for ways to make what we do fun for us and for our customers. The calls to save the Yellow Meeple on forums made us laugh and made for an enjoyable part of the Thunderstone Quest Kickstarter campaign. We adopted him as our campaign mascot.




The #savetheyellowmeeple fan movement grew so much, the meeple was included in the box alongside the unlocked sculpted minis. And not only that, we created a set of hero cards that represent the yellow knight, to honor the Yellow Meeple and his contribution to the campaign. From the artwork you can see that the little fella seems to have grown up pretty well. Join us and the Yellow Meeple in the continuing adventure that is Thunderstone Quest!


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