The Captain is Dead: Lockdown

Despite their brave escape, the crew is once again in grave danger. The hasty repairs on the ship’s jump core made it cut out a few star systems away. Now they find themselves captured by the Alien Empire.

The game begins with the crew trying to escape from a holding cell in the alien colony. The team must escape by stealing a ship, as there is no sign of their starship. As luck would have it, some allies were already in prison that can help. The ship’s hologram was alert enough to download into the alien prison’s computer. They must once again work as a team to avoid the guards, hack into systems and get away before their jailors take them back to their cells or kill them on the spot.

The Captain is Dead: Lockdown can be played either as a stand-alone adventure, or, if you are up to the task, play the original The Captain is Dead and continue your experience with veteran cards in The Captain is Dead: Lockdown.


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