Thunderstone Quest – Back to the Dungeon But Wait There’s More

But Wait, There’s More!

Barricades Mode is bringing with it a lot of new goodies and new components to Thunderstone Quest, some of which were discussed in previous blogs. Those aren’t the only new components for Barricades Mode though.

Starting at the start, there are new Starter cards. In Barricades Mode, you will replace your 2 Thunderstone Shards and 2 Lanterns with 4 new Starter cards.

(*Mechanics not Final)


These new Starter cards help translate Thunderstone Quest’s normally competitive format into a more cooperative one, giving players additional reasons and benefits for working together to defeat the enemy.

New Starter cards isn’t the only part of the base game getting a facelift. The Marketplace is gaining 4 Village spots and an ability for Barricades Mode, and we are are also adding one for Competitive Mode.

  • In Competitive Mode, players at the Marketplace may buy another copy of 1 card in their hand from the box.
  • In Barricades Mode, the Marketplace helps you construct Barricades.

What are Barricades you ask? Good question! Barricades are our last, brand new component for Barricades Mode. Each Village Location has 1 Barricade at its location that can be constructed and used throughout the game. Using a Barricade negates 1 damage to the Village.

And with that, we have covered all of the new rules for Barricades Mode. We are exciting to show you all of these moving parts in action and have you experience them for yourself. Until then, To the Barricades!

Bryan Reese, Development Lead for Thunderstone Quest

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