War Chest – Light Cavalry

War Chest releases at Gen Con Indy this year, and brings tactical war-gaming to bag-building!  Take up arms against your challenger, and control the board in this beautiful and unique game from Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson.

For thousands of years, mankind has relied on the speed, mobility and shock value of warriors mounted on horses. War Chest includes three mounted units, each with a tactic which (perhaps unsurprisingly) involves movement. In the case of the Light Cavalry, this is simply a double move. Moving two spaces allows the Light Cavalry to rush towards the central locations in the early game, putting your opponent on the back step. Later on, this extra movement can be used to push past defenders and capture an exposed location or threaten a vulnerable unit. While it may not be as flashy as other units, the Light Cavalry’s versatility makes it a valuable addition to any army.

Check out War Chest at Gen Con, or pick it up in stores August 29!

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