Women Game Designers Wanted


Women Game Designers Wanted
SAN CLEMENTE, CA – 25 July 2018


Alderac Entertainment Group today announced the theme for their 2020 Big Game Night. Games Designed by Women. We are looking for 3-4 great games designed or co-designed by women.


Big Game Night is our premiere event at Gencon. 1,000 people show up for a night of demos, gaming, and fun. Everyone goes home with copies of a selection of featured games released that night. The Big Game Night fun does not end at Gencon we also have an event at PAX Unplugged and plan to have events at other shows by 2020. These are sold out events, and we expect that we will grow the attendance at each show through 2020.

Big Game Night games are easy to learn and teach and can be played in under an hour. We want games that gamers will love, but they can also play with their non-hobby gamer friends and family. We are hoping to find games for 4-6 players, but we will happily publish a game for fewer players if they are great. A fantastic example of a BGN game is Cat Lady which was a breakout hit from 2017’s Big Game Night.


If you have a game that you think would be a good fit for BGN we ask you to send an email to Creative@alderac.com.

We ask you to label the email: [BIG GAME NIGHT 2020] Game Idea Submission

We also ask that you tell us about yourself and your ideas in the email and attach a one- page sell sheet for each game with necessary information about the game.

Sell sheets tell us briefly about the theme of the game, its core, and most essential mechanics, what is unique about the game, how long it plays, and how many and what type of components you envision for the game. Pictures of the game set up for play are helpful.

If you have a short (less than 5 minute) “how to play” video, please provide that link as well.

Someone from AEG will quickly follow-up.

We know 2020 seems like it is a long time away but it is closer than you think. We will be reviewing game submissions through November 2018 and plan to make decisions about BGN 2020 games by March of next year.

If you have any questions, send them to creative@alderac.com. We cannot wait to see tomorrow’s great games today.


About Alderac Entertainment Group

Alderac Entertainment Group (“AEG”) has produced award-winning games and game worlds for over 20 years. Alderac publishes the popular games Smash Up, Mystic Vale, Thunderstone, Edge of Darkness, and many more. Visit www.alderac.com for more information.


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Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc.
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