War Chest – Crossbowman

War Chest releases at Gen Con Indy this year, and brings tactical war-gaming to bag-building! Take up arms against your challenger, and control the board in this beautiful and unique game from Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson.

The second ranged unit in War Chest is the Crossbowman. Like the Archer, the Crossbowman can attack units which are two spaces away, but it can only shoot in a straight line, with no intervening units. This creates holes in the Crossbowman’s cover which opposing units can exploit. The Crossbowman makes up for this limitation by being more resilient than the Archer. It can attack adjacent units and it has a full 5 coins available in the supply.

Although a favourite of many medieval armies, the crossbow dates back much further.

One of the earliest battles that records the effectiveness of crossbowmen is from China and the Battle of Ma Ling in 341 BCE. This battle is famous for the tactics of Sun Bin, known as the “Tactic of Missing Stoves”, in which one side is led to underestimate the other by creating an illusion of soldiers running away from the army. The result was the Wei army being lured into an ambush in a narrow wooded valley at night, where Qi crossbows were waiting for them.

Check out War Chest at Gen Con, or pick it up in stores August 29!

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