War Chest – Scouts

War Chest releases at Gen Con Indy this year, and brings tactical war-gaming to bag-building! Take up arms against your challenger, and control the board in this beautiful and unique game from Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson.

In War Chest, units must enter the battlefield from controlled locations. The Scout, however, can deploy into any space adjacent to a friendly unit. This special attribute can be used to grab an early neutral location, but it can also be used later in the game to launch a surprise attack or defense. Indeed, many a Scout is sacrificed in what may appear to be foolish gambits, only to reappear moments later in a key strategic space on the other side of the board.

Scouts were used successfully through most of the Dark Age and Medieval campaigns. A great example is the Battle of Vlaardingen in 1018 CE, perhaps the defining battle in the foundation of Holland.
The fleet of Holy Emperor Henry II, carrying the imperial army drifted down the river and moored at Vlaardingen. Advanced tactical information from Frisian scouts gave the defenders vital information and they had withdrawn within the castle and onto higher grounds. Initially, Godfrey, the imperial commander lined his men up around the castle, but then he ordered them to march towards a flat field, because it would be difficult to cross the extensive ditches dug in preparation.
During this manoeuvre, the Frisians unexpectedly appeared from an ambush and attacked, causing panic to break out. The imperial warriors hurried back to their ships, which had been moved to the middle of the stream by now, because of the lowered tide. Many were lost in the soggy river banks or drowned.

Check out War Chest at Gen Con, or pick it up in stores August 29!


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