Mystic Vale Event Kit Problems at Gen Con 2018


Our Apologies!

Due to a last-minute production & logistics problem we were unable to get the Havens Event Kits for Mystic Vale to Gen Con this year. Many players had previously purchased tickets to the events and we did not want to cause undo disruption to players’ schedules by arbitrarily cancelling the Havens events. Instead, we made a special offer to attendees who had paid for tickets to the events and who did not get their tickets refunded.

If you attended one of those Havens Event Kit events and you did not seek a refund, you were provided with a limited time coupon code for our online store.

You can use that code to order up to three sets of Mystic Vale sleeves, the same sleeves as contained in the Havens Event Kits. Please do not share this coupon code with any other person and please do not order more than three sets of sleeves. If there are multiple people in your household, each person will need to order their sleeves on their own account.

To use this coupon, create an account at Once you have done so, you can add the Mystic Vale sleeve items to your cart (up to three only per order please!). In the checkout process, click the “Promo/Gift Certificate” link to show the entry control and then enter the coupon code you were provided at the event, which will convert the prices on the sleeves to $0.00.

You will be responsible for the shipping & handling for delivery of your order.

We currently expect to be able to ship these Sleeves sometime in the 4th quarter of 2018 – between October and December. Please don’t include these Sleeves on an order with any other merchandise as the whole order will be held until the Sleeves arrive.

This coupon code will be valid until the end of October 2018.

If you have any questions about how to use the coupon, the terms & conditions of this offer, or have problems applying the coupon to your order please email

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