Life in the Scorpius System

It’s been almost 100 years since the Scorpius system was settled. Sentient beings came from all across the stars to start new lives, following their dreams and the offer of prosperity and adventure in this new system. The reality was less idyllic. The Government controlled almost everything. They controlled wages, prices, entertainment, information and more. They transformed an idealistic colonization project into a systemwide serfdom.


Tens of billions of beings live in Scorpius with no hope of advancement, no hope of escape. Except that not everyone in the Government toes the line; In Scorpius Freighter you can pick members of a specific faction or all-out draft your crew members for replayability. Those you choose still believe in freedom. Operating under the nose of the massive Government motherships, a few bold freighter pilots use the system against itself. You will travel back and forth to black market planets to make adjustments to your freighter, like expanding storage space, picking up goods and people for informant actions, and deliver those goods to complete contracts and side deals to earn reputation (VPs) using some Euro mechanics like: Worker placement, Resource management and Tile laying.

Your crew still handles their sanctioned job duties… as well as a lot of extracurricular activities like smuggling restricted medicines, passing censored information, and facilitating transactions below the Government’s radar. They are fueling the revolution, and the revolution is coming. So you need to be fast and avoid drawing attention, or the Government’s attention will fall too heavily on your illicit dealings.

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