One of the first ads we sold in Shadis Magazine was for a small mail-order company called RPG International.  They sold D&D products and bundles via mail order before the internet.  This company was run by my soon-to-be good friend, Ryan Dancey. (Funny note: RPG International was originally set upRead More →

We have been talking quite a bit about our products on press right now and how we make sure the right ones get on a boat before the potential new policies on tariffs take effect.  It would be one thing to be worrying about our normal product schedule—and we are—butRead More →

First I would like to say Happy Mothers day to the three great mothers in my life.   My Mom, Mary, without whom none of this craziness would be possible. My Wife, Julie, without whom none of this would be worth while My Mother in Law, Jeanne, who welcomed thisRead More →