Bard Wanted

I am in a tavern…..

The GM who runs the reality game about my business looks over his screen at me: 

“You have gathered an excellent party, but for this great quest you will need one more.  Someone like minded and with synergistic skills and who speaks your language. John, your party needs a Salesman!”  

“I’ll do it.” I say. “ I have multiple levels in sales and marketing.  I am essentially a gaming industry Super-Bard.”

“You do remember your promise to the people when you locked yourself in the Larkstone tower to become a development Wizard.   You said fewer better games. Your team is delivering on that promise. Are you willing to risk all that you have gained, when finding the right party member is a better and more permanent answer?” 

Damn you GM.  I think to myself. But I know that the Game Master of Life wants a good story.  If my quest is to find a legendary sales person then I will take on that quest.  

Easier said than done.  

In an industry full of Development Wizards, Design Clerics, Graphics Warriors, and even Marketing Magicians it is super hard to find a Sales Bard.  A Legendary Sales Bard.

It really is hard to muster up the courage  to post a sign up in the town square that says.  “Sales Bard wanted – enquire at the local tavern.”  But to start my quest I will do just that.   

What skills does a Sales Bard have? 

Let’s start by separating a marketer from a sales person.  A Marketer makes sure that people know about your product. A sales person connects with people who could buy your game and gets them to say: “Yes send me a case (or a pallet, or a container-load)”. 

A Sales Bard :

• Would have a current and ever-growing deep rolodex of people who purchase games.  Core market, extended, mass market and closeout.

• Would be personable, have a high charisma, and like interacting with people. 

• Would love adventuring, travel , sales calls; making new friends would be like life force to this person.

• Would love games and know a lot about them, but a Sales Bard has no interest in being a game designer, or developer.  They are single-class specialists all the way.

• Would be creative, would have valid opinions about things we should put into or do to our products but would be able to point to that thing and say:  “If you do this we will sell more copies and here is why.”

• For AEG they would be able to sell more of our new games and be able to sell our awesome evergreen lines as well as we do now plus find new places to feature them.  

• They go on an adventure with development and marketing exploring a wide range of options and attributes of the products, where the end goal of each adventure is to sell more games and make happy customers.  

• They would believe that “make great games” is the number one priority and when you have those great games it is easy to find bigger markets.  You just have to connect.  

A special note that to be Legendary at AEG you must be able to say “No” to me – the party leader – but whenever you say”No” you must replace my idea with something better and back it up with results.  This is when AEG is at its best.  

We are looking for this person right now!

Our current sales are pretty good but we have to do better. A  sales person who can deliver better sales than we are currently averaging, and who deliver new customers and channels, and long term relationships will be a senior member of our team, have key decision-making responsibility, management oversight over others in sales & marketing, and excellent compensation. 

I need someone who understands and believes that AEG is making the best games it ever has and that everyone should own them.  They know that their job as Salesman Bard is to kick down doors and help us conquer the worlds in front of us and discover new worlds we have not yet discovered.  

If you know you are Legendary, are tenacious, have had success in sales at a high level, and believe that you can sell great lines like Mystic Vale, Smash-Up, Space Base, Istanbul, Thunderstone, Cat Lady, Warchest, Tiny Towns, and our other great new and old products then I want to talk with you.  

High level PC’s only.  Years of experience in a sales leadership role with responsibility for hitting the numbers and making the numbers grow. Our current team is excellent at managing our distribution relationships and flowing orders through our system – but we need to go beyond that to expand our business in many directions.  We want someone who can make an instant impact and doesn’t need to be told what to do or how to do it. We need people who will be able to start growing our business on the day they start work.  

We look forward to your contact.  I will be taking a limited number of meetings for this role at Gen Con. If you think you have what it takes to be a Legendary Sales Bard at AEG  e-mail  I am not going to tell you what to send to impress us.  Your first challenge is to get the interview. Good Luck. 

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