Gen Con 2019 Two Minute Rundown

Wow Gen Con is in 10 days.  Crazy how quickly the time between the GAMA trade show and Gen Con flies but we are ready and excited about the show.  

A small piece of useless marketing knowledge.  When Peter Adkison bought Gen Con he called to tell me and I said.  “That is just like you to buy the best 4 days in gaming.” He laughed and said he might use that line and it became the marketing tag line for the show.  

I’m not going to talk about how much work it is to prepare for a Gen Con… blah blah blah.  Let’s talk about all the cool stuff we are doing this year and why I think it will be one of our best Gen Cons ever.  

My excitement starts with Edge of Darkness, the game we debuted and showed people at Gen Con two years ago is finally reaching backers now and we will have a limited number of copies to sell at the show.  In fact we are taking pre-orders on our website for this special product.  It’s a magnificent beast make sure you bring an extra bag.  

You can pre-order the following items for Gen Con Pick-Up:

Edge of Darkness Guildmaster (all Stretch Goals and Exclusives included)

Edge of Darkness Dunestar (All Exclusives included)

Tiny Towns


Thunderstone Quest Champion

Smash-Up Penguins

Smash-Up World Tour Part II Culture Shock

Space Base Command Station

Go to search for “Gen Con 2019” to see the offers.  Only these items are available for pre-order. Please bring a copy of your receipt with you to Gen Con.  

We are also doing something absolutely amazing with the booth this year.  Every day we are going to change out the booth and put up completely new signage and be demoing different cool games every day.  So don’t go thinking: “Oh I’ll wait until tomorrow to demo Edge at the AEG booth.” It might not be there. (But don’t worry something super cool will be going on at the booth every day.)

Speaking of super cool.  One wall of our booth will have a riddle or question on it.  If you know the answer come to the sales booth and tell the riddle master.  He will let you draw to see if you win a game. There will be a new challenge each day.  

Speaking of best Gen Cons ever:  I think this is going to be our best Big Game Night ever.  The three games we are debuting, Walking in Burano, Curios, and Point Salad are all getting rave reviews.  Don’t worry if you miss Big Game Night there will be a limited supply of these new games at the booth for sale starting on Saturday.  

Whew.  I am not done yet.  

Don’t miss the special DEAL OF THE DAY.  Every day we will have limited quantity of one of our great games on sale at the booth for an amazing price.  First come first served, limited quantities. The even better news is we will be offering this deal on our website for those of you who cannot make it to the show.

Have you tried our smash hit Tiny Towns yet?  Yes!! Awesome! Come show off your skills. No?  Why not. Come to the booth and learn to play it and buy your copy at Gen Con you crazy kids.  

Not only are we demoing our hot games and debuting the Big Game Night games we will also have Atelier, The Captain is Dead Episode 3 Dangerous Planet, and of course the new Smash-Up Expansion World Tour Part II Culture Shock.  

We will also have some special pins at the booth for sale or free pick up with your Smash-Up Back Stage Pass.  

We will have designers at the booth doing demos.  John Clair, Josh Wood, Mark Wootton, Peter McPherson, Tom Clever, David Short and even me.  Yes I am talking time away from meetings this year to demo some games.  

Come play a game with us.  I hope you are all excited about Gen Con and if you are not coming to visit one of the pop up Gen Cons or one of then more than 150 stores debuting our Big Game Night games early for Gen Can’t peeps.

Have an excellent week and travel safe. We can’t wait to see you in Indy!

John Zinser



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