I just heard today about the passing of my friend, Rick Loomis.  His battle with cancer has ended and another hero has been taken from us by that boss monster we have yet figured out a way to slay on a regular basis.  

F$%& Cancer

I did not spend a lot of time socializing with Rick, but he and I served together on the GAMA Board for three years. He was President and I was his Vice-President, which meant that he did most of the work and I would show up for the early morning GAMA meetings and help keep the Board focused on what was important.  It was my honor to serve with him. And for years now I have seen him roaming the halls, and I didn’t call him by his name. I would just say, “Hello, Mr. President”, and he would smile and say hi.

Rick loved the gaming industry.  He started Flying Buffalo long before I joined the industry.  He ran his business, ran a small booth at shows, and I must admit that I was guilty of saying more than once that “AEG needed to be more successful faster, I don’t want to be working the AEG booth when I am Rick’s age.  

I turn 55 in a few weeks. I think about my younger self thinking that, and now all I hope is that I get to live as complete and as good a life in gaming as Rick got to live.  Others will be able to laud his achievements better than I, so I won’t try. I will just say this. You will be missed,

Mr. President.  You lived a gaming life to be proud of. 


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