Edge of Darkness Returns to Kickstarter on September 23rd at 9am (Pacific)

Denizens of Aegis!

Having successfully delivered the Rewards for the first Edge of Darkness Kickstarter in July and August, we are pleased to announce the 2nd Kickstarter which will return us to the battle against the Blight at the end of September!

This new Kickstarter which goes live on September 23rd will introduce you to the dim sun and frigid temperatures of the Cliffs of Coldharbor; another resilient community the Blight has been unable to fully corrupt from within or destroy by direct assault – so far …

Cliffs of Coldharbor will be a $40 Reward in the new Kickstarter featuring 12 new Locations and their associated Contact/Threat advancements. For backers who didn’t join us on the first campaign – fear not! The original Guildmaster Reward returns for $120. We have a limited amount of Guildmaster that will be available for Expedited delivery in November of 2019 – just in time for Christmas – for backers in the US, Canada, EU and the UK, Norway and Switzerland. Shipping & Handling is not included in these prices and will be calculated in the pledge manager.

By special arrangement of the Harbormasters of Aegis we will also have a limited supply of the 1st expansion, Sands of Dunestar and the Metal Coins, which can be Add-ons for Expedited Rewards for delivery in November with the Guildmaster component. All the new Cliffs of Coldharbor Reward components will be delivered in 2020.

There will be one Stretch Goal for this campaign. If the Backers are able to achieve a funding goal of $400,000 or more, we will add a special Advanced Guildmaster Pack to every Cliffs of Coldharbor Reward (and all Rewards that include Cliffs of Coldharbor). This Advanced Guildmaster Pack consists of 4 Guild Boards which provide asymmetric starting conditions and new powers for the Guilds, and act as a special Location that is only available to the Guild using that board. The Pack will also include new Citizen and Patrician cards which have new game mechanics and interact with the new Guild Location boards! The Advanced Guildmaster Pack has an MSRP of $20!

We know that there are lots of questions about Edge of Darkness which have arisen from the 1st Kickstarter and we’re now able to provide detailed answers.

Additional Influence/Goodwill Tokens

We goofed. When preparing the game for production we had an internal miscommunication about the proper number of these tokens needed for play. Here’s what we’re going to do about it.

Every Backer who gets the Cliffs of Coldharbor will receive additional plastic Influence/Goodwill tokens – the pack includes twice the number in the Guildmaster Reward which should be more than enough even for the most calculating Guild Leaders. We’re including those for free.

We know that waiting until the middle of 2020 to get more tokens may be too long a delay for some players. We are going to offer the token pack on our online store sometime later this year (the exact timing depends on when the tokens are manufactured and delivered; we’re very much hoping to have them before Thanksgiving). The token pack will be free, but you will pay shipping & handling to have them delivered, and they’ll ship out of our Tennessee warehouse which means that shipments outside the United States may be somewhat expensive.  We’re doing our best to keep these costs as low as we can.

Issues with the Lettering on the Bag

We’re not happy with the leatherette bags in the Guildmaster Rewards. The bags themselves are fine and we’re very pleased with their texture and size. But the lettering that is applied via a heat transfer system isn’t standing up as well as we hoped. Those bags were all made at the same time and use the same technology, so replacements from our inventory won’t solve the problem for Backers who are unhappy with the lettering quality.

We are going to make a new production run of bags, in cloth, with embroidery rather than heat transfer letters. Those bags will be similar to the bags in War Chest and our upcoming new game Ecos.  We are going to put one of these new bags in every Cliffs of Coldharbor Reward.

Like the additional influence/goodwill tokens if you don’t want to wait until 2020 to get a new bag you’ll be able to order them from our online store roughly the same time that we’ll have the new tokens available, with the same caveats.

Add Ons for This Campaign

You will be able to Add-on Sands of Dunestar, and the Metal Coins, and Extra-Extra Premium Sleeves. You’ll be able to Add-on extra copies of the Guildmaster core game, and extra copies of both Sands of Dunestar and Cliffs of Coldharbor. Prices for the Add-ons will be the same as they were in the 1st Kickstarter: $40 for the expansions, $19 for the Coins, $15 for the Sleeves. Additional copies of the core game will be $120. Shipping & Handling will be calculated based on your total order weight and delivery destination.

Help Us Spread the Word!

As we prepare to launch the Cliffs of Coldharbor on September 23rd, you can help us raise awareness about this campaign. If you backed the first Edge of Darkness campaign we would really appreciate your ranking & rating Edge on BoardGameGeek:


Every rating helps, and the higher our score, the more interested the larger community of board game players will be in the game.

The Edge of Darkness page on alderac.com:


Will feature a countdown to the Kickstarter as well as a way to sign up for the Edge of Darkness mailing list. Being on the mailing list will allow us to let you know more details about the campaign and remind you when it’s about to begin. If you know someone who missed the first campaign and wants to be sure to join us for the second please ask them to sign up for the mailing list!

We’ve also published a Facebook announcement about this campaign. The critical announcement post is:

Facebook Post Link

Please “like” and “share” this post to help us boost awareness!

Thank You For Your Continued Support

Without the amazing Edge of Darkness community we would not have been able to make this game and bring it to our Backers. Over 5,000 of you are now playing Edge of Darkness and we could not be more thrilled that you’re having that experience. We hope you’ll join us as we return to Kickstarter on September 23rd!

— The AEG Edge of Darkness Team

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