ECOS: First Continent

Anyone close to me knows how excited I am for this release.  Ecos is a John D Clair design that brings together a unique combination of mechanics so that up to 6 players can play simultaneous turns building the world and populating it with mountains, forests, and animals.  

I first played Ecos in late 2017.  At that time the prototype name was Pangea and like all of John’s games the prototype was polished and the game play was very close to what we have now in the final game.  We liked it instantly. I have decided that I really like games with simultaneous actions, my least favorite part of gaming is waiting for my next turn and in Ecos you never have to do that.  I also liked that the game was driven by a simple mechanic (Bingo) but the way you use your resources and cards creates an interesting dynamic during game play. You are building a living world.  The plains you are playing for your Antelope to roam are likely hunting grounds for someone with a Lion. Scoring depends on how you manipulate the world’s terrain, or how large a herd you can create, or how many of those animals your predators can eat.  

Early Ecos Prototype

You know a game is good when everyone wants to work on the development team and we had plenty of volunteers for Ecos.  Once you start to work on a new game the debates about art and how it will look begin almost immediately.  Mark Wootton was selected as project lead. That was a no brainier since in his life before AEG he was a ranger in Scotland.

We knew we wanted the terrain to have three dimensional and so over time.  


John Clair’s Clay Mountains

Becomes this…

We look at punchboard as a possibility

and finally ended up as this.

Wood components make the final cut.

The art and graphics for the cards fell into place quickly.  Josh Wood, the art director on this project, had the clever idea of using petroglyphs as inspiration for the icons and since you rotate the cards to show they have been used we ended up using square cards.  

Playtest card
Final Card
Final Packaging is Amazing

You need a lot of different animal tokens to play Ecos and so we have provided double sided tokens and cool punch board holders to organize them for play.  

Once completed we made a few big choices about how we would release the game.  We always knew we wanted it to be our Essen release but unlike other games we did not want to wait a year or more for the German edition and so we jumped ahead and worked with a team so we could launch a German Edition at this year’s Essen show.  

We also knew that the best marketing for this game would be showing it to gamers  so we pushed the print button well in advance of the release date. We debuted the game by previewing it for a full day in our booth at Gencon. It was as expected a hit. 


We provided samples to reviewers and the reviews have been great!

Man Vs Meeple 

Game Boy Geek

Today we are releasing a limited number of copies direct to gamers as a pre-release promotion.   

You have two options to order Ecos today:

Order a pre-release of Ecos (USA ONLY) $49.99 – save $10! plus free delivery in 2-3 weeks! (Limited time offer, quantities are limited, 1 per household please!)

Pre-order for Essen booth pickup in English or German (AEG booth 3K-107)!

Ecos – First Continent from John D Clair is our major fall release. We believe it is going to appeal to a huge audience. The game can be played by 2 to 6 players. The ecosystem theme and gorgeous African-inspired art and graphic design look amazing on the table. And the fun and excitement of the core Bingo-style mechanic means that every player is engaged in every play of the game.

Order now and be the first in your game group to shout ECOS!

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