Larkstone 2019.. That is a Wrap!

It’s 5:30 AM and I just dropped off the last visitor to the Larkstone house for 2019 at the Airport.  I know I have talked a lot about Larkstone this year but there is a good reason. Setting up this house has been one of the best decisions we have ever made.  We had a ton of fun, our games are better because of it, we have been able to remain a virtual company but spend quality time together, and it has given us the opportunity to connect with designers like never before.  

I want to thank everyone that visited and shared games, food and fun with us.  

Special thanks to the 2019 Larkstone demo crew Neil Kimball, Taylor Shuss, and Rob Watkins

The Flatout crew got the year started off right
Peter crushes josh’s dreams
Playtest crew plays Ecos
Vlad and Jorge addicted to Cubitos
Ryan struggling with where too move his next butterfly
Goody and Neil and some friends
Asger and Daniel worked as hard as they played
Dave never says no to Thunderstone Quest


9 Players for Flame Rouge
Wait that is not an AEG game!!!
More Ecos a house favorite this year
Even more Ecos. 6 players games rule!
Designer Day Paper Airplanes
December of 2019 and we are playing 2021 releases

Coming in 2020 ( A quick snapshot of just a few of the games and prototypes tested and developed for 2020 at Larkstone)

Truffle Shuffle
Meeples and Monsters
Tiny Towns Expansion
Santa Monica
Unnamed City Builder from John Clair
Sheepy Time
Edge of Darkness Expansion
Lost Atlantis
Dead Reckoning

We hope you can join us for games, friendship and fun in 2020!!!


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