GAMA 2020

We attended GAMA and it was a very good show. We  learned quite a bit and my team was able to talk about what our plans are for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

AEG’s Gama Booth


The highlight of the show for us was contact with retailers.  Attendance was down at the show. We were told that total retail shops were only down by 10%-15% but the number of attendees per shop was down by about 50%.  That seems close to correct. If I were to guess I would bet that total retailer attendance was down a bit more, maybe 25%. Our booth was very busy on the first day but not overwhelmed as in years past and we had a slow burn of retailers come by during the long second day.  

The retailers we did see were positive and upbeat especially about AEG.  We got a lot of compliments about our recent line-up of games, our decision to do fewer releases, and our promotions to help retailers stock deeper with less risk.  

We were sort of SHOCKED to find out that over 50% of the retailers who came to see us at the booth or at our seminars had not yet signed up for the Alderac Retailer Central Facebook page and were not aware of the P3 program.  Obviously we have outreach work to do to bring those retailers into the fold. If you are a retailer reading this and not a member of the retailer group please go sign up now. Membership means access to valuable information and bonuses for your store.


We got very little gaming in but we did get to play Mariposas, Santa Monica, Dead Reckoning, and Cubitos.  We got rave reviews from the few people who got to play and are excited about our 2020 releases.



Wow dice are HOT HOT HOT.  We counted no less than 7 dice booths and maybe more.  No matter what happens in our industry gamers love their dice.  Wiz Kids is killing it. I stopped by their room and ogled all the cool stuff they are making including this awesome diorama of the Yawning Portal Tavern with the entrance to Undermountain.  This brought back good memories. We want a copy of Iello’s “Dark” version of King of Tokyo ASAP. (You know where to send it). We did not get to play but we did laugh along as others played Breakdancing Meeples from Atlas games.  Paizo’s new in store display was very cool. It was also great to see Christian Peterson stalking the hall again. We knew he could not stay away and he has multiple cool new projects in the works including upgrading his print on demand service and an online creative workspace built to offer the industry some of his organizational secrets (We suggest all game companies take a look at this).  

Yawning Portal Tavern with the entrance to Undermountain
Break Dancing Meeples

Finally, I lost the Credit Card game which meant I got to buy dinner for my peers.  

We hope everyone is safe and happy at home.  For the meantime we have decided that GAMA is our last trip until Gen Con and of course Gen Con itself is a game time decision.  


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