New Games Coming This Summer

This summer, from AEG and designer of Tiny Towns, Peter McPherson comes “Pete’s First Sushi Dinner!” Can you bring culinary newbie Pete through the challenges of trying strange new sushi? Or will you collect too many disgust cards, resulting in Pete running out and leaving you with the check? Find out this August in Pete’s First Sushi Dinner! And be ready two weeks later for the expansion: Pete’s First Sushi Dinner: Legacy, which adds 4X excitement and over 200 plastic miniatures!

At AEG our CEO John Zinser really only likes dice games. And as such, we have to try a lot of dice game prototypes. A lot. In this game, you too get to experience wading through tons of dice games! There are over 150 partially completed dice games featured via cards in John Only Likes Dice Games: The Card Game. Play 150 rounds to determine which game will be pitched to John and ultimately published! Will the ones to which you’ve been assigned developer see print?

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